How It Works

We make original video content for clients. We work for an all-inclusive fee that includes every service we provide. The final video is yours to be the owner of. Making videos is a fun process, and a lot of times our clients want to participate. Start to finish, the process of making a video usually takes about 2-3 months, but rush delivery is available.

If you're interested in working together, the first step is to send us an email and we'll schedule a conversation when we talk about what you're envisioning and answer any questions you have. These are the questions we'll have for you:

We likely have a few more conversations before we decide to work together, nailing down the specifics of exactly how we can help you. The more you're able to share with us about your identity and your values, the better we can make a video that matches your ethos.

We've been talking, we think we can do great work together, so we decide to pull the trigger on the project! Nice! Everyone is excited to make a video. We type up a contract that specifies:

We also type up a “treatment” that accompanies the contract. The treatment is a brief outline of the scope and expectations of the project in PDF format. It possibly includes a rough script, storyboards and/or reference boards.

We then enter into the three stages of video production:

This phase is all about planning! We write scripts, make storyboards, and mood boards. We start scheduling shoots, hiring crews, buying props, and trying to anticipate whatever are going to need once we start shooting.

Here's where we hit the record button. "Lights, camera, action!" That part. This is where we shoot any of the original content we need.

This is by far the most important part of the entire process! This is where the video actually gets assembled. Most of this is editing. We also make animated infographics and logos. The video gets its audio mastered and its color graded, so it looks and sounds about as good as we can expect it to when people play it on a plethora of different devices.

At each step of the way, we usually have a deadline where you sign off on what we are going to do before we proceed to the next step. This keeps us organized, and ensures that we can meet your final deadlines.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Astro! If you have any more questions or you're ready to get started, feel free to send us an email.